1. Color

From the recording Moon Into Motion

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I dream in color and caution
I dream in fever and love
Kind waves keep moon into motion

If you can’t see the line then you've turned silver into gray
If you can't feel the rain on you, clouds will give you away
If you always second guess, I guess you'll only have a second left
If you only have a second left, better make it one of your best

I dream so careless and callus
I dream so winter in white
Cold days make sound into solace

If you don't look ahead then you won’t make it out of your bed
If you don't give a shit then you, you're taking shit till you're dead
If you ever make a record then you know you'll make your mother proud
If you don't face the music then you're just another face in the crowd

Dream in color
Color careless
Careless motion
Motion fever
Fever solace
Solace winter
Winter dreamer
Dream in color